Alberta - Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger
Apr 28, 2016
Just because you're camping doesn't mean you're safe. Remind children and adults too that the same rules apply on the road that they do at home. Lock your doors even if you're in the RV. Tell your children:
(1) Don't open the door to strangers. If someone knocks on your door, speak to him or her through the screen for a minute until you get a sense about how safe they are, or find out what they want. Never invite a stranger into your RV. You can socialize just fine outside.
(2) The only person who should be knocking on your door after dark is the campground security or the police. Don't open your door until you see some identification. If in doubt, use your cell phone to call the campground office.
(3) Trust your intuition. If a person or situation doesn't feel safe, it probably isn't. Walk away. Go back to your RV or to the camp office.
(4) There's safety in numbers. Shower, walk or hike with a partner. If one becomes hurt or injured the other can get help.
(5) Use common sense. Carry a jacket, matches, first aid kit, whistle, and small survival kit, food and water in a fanny pack or daypack, even if you are just going for a short hike. It could save your life.
Written by: Steve
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