Alberta - Silencing a noisy water pump
Silencing a noisy water pump
Apr 28, 2016
Water pumps are one of the noisiest things on your RV. Not only do they rattle and thump, but they can also create a racket in your pipes as well.
You can't insulate the pump - it might overheat and fail. But you can quiet some of the noise by making sure the bolts and screws holding the pump in place are tight. And, by putting a section of foam insulation, the kind you'd insulate your pipes with at home, around the pipes where they go through walls and cabinets will make a big difference in the noise levels. If your pipes touch a drainpipe under the sink or shower, put a piece of insulation there too. Secure the foam with some duct tape and enjoy the quiet. The foam helps keep the pipes from singing and rattling and makes for a quieter experience every time you turn on the water.
Written by: Steve
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