Alberta - Clean Your Blackwater Tank The Easy Way
Clean Your Blackwater Tank The Easy Way
Apr 28, 2016
One of the nastiest and hardest jobs you'll ever have is cleaning out the paper, gunk and mess that hangs up on the gages and protrusions inside your blackwater tank.
There are wands you can get, but it's almost impossible to reach all the cracks and crannies. That's why seasoned RV'ers know that by pouring a 20-pound bag of cubed ice into their blackwater tank, and filling it half way with water and a capful of liquid laundry detergent before heading to their next destination, they can do the job faster and easier. The ice cubes will slosh and bang around inside the tank without doing any damage or hurting anything, and over time will melt, creating a sort of slush that acts as a kind of abrasive that will chip and scour at hardened deposits on your tank's walls without hurting the walls. They also help the soap scrub off some of the grease and residue water alone can't touch. The ice then melts, leaving you with nothing to do but dump the tanks the next time you're at a dump station.
Written by: Steve
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