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Near golf course & river * Heated pool * Arcade * 15 km to Heads-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump * Some firepits * WiFi avail. *Good Sam Park
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Total Sites: 128
Nightly Rate: $26.00 - $42.00
Phone: 403-553-2455
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[1 / 5]
August 2016
WARNING, to all friends who go camping, if you are ever looking for a campground stay clear of Daisy May campground.
Oh my god, the staff here is so incredibly rude!!!
The centre here provides tank emptying totes to rid your grey or black water.
There are 12 families out here camping, so the older boys offered to go around and empty the grey for the families.
Long story short, the tote THEY supplied has a small hole and a little trail of grey water made a trail. JUST WATER!!!
Well the owner of the campground came out and started yelling and swearing at the boys.
I came to their defence stating the tote is only carrying water, there isn't any need to yell and swear at the boys, at which point he tells me to shut your mouth, just shut your f-big mouth!!
Lol, this is from the owner of the campground!!
He has blamed my sisters son and his friend of damaging some tires in the playground.
The boys told him it wasn't them, as they just got here.
The owner didn't care and still placed blame.
We have been coming here for 5 years as have 11 other families we know.
Non of use will ever come back here again!!
If you like some rude old man yelling and swearing at you and your kids than this is a great place to take your family.

[1 / 5]
June 2016
I had gone down to the showers close to noon on Saturday. So pretty well after check out time! There's not much parking there except for right in front of their office. We've parked there on previous trips as well as this trip with zero problems. We parked along the fence which is the norm for people. We had been in the showers when an older, heavier set gentlemen had gone into the men's washroom, full of children and other men, screaming "who the f*** is parked out front?!" Nathan said he was and said he would get dressed and come out. When he came out, a caucasian man who was parked right next to him told Nathan he better move too because he was parked there as well. They both went outside, the other man was able to move no problem. My husband on the other hand, was targeted for racism. "Are you a f***** free loader? Do you even pay to stay here?" He said 3 trailers were waiting to dump. When they went outside there were no trailers. Why would 3 trailers be waiting after check out time? He asked Nathan for our campsite and his name. When I arrived at the jeep just a couple minutes later... no other vehicles, no trailers. He told me what happened, I went into the office and asked who was screaming at my husband. The lady who was sitting at the desk just turned around and said "he shouldn't be parked on the parking pad!" We weren't on the pad in the first place. I wasn't given this man's name and no apology was offered. We told my in laws what happened that night, turns out my MIL is in a women's group with the owner. She called and spoke with her, no apology offered. I haven't received an email or phone call of any sort to apologize. All they did was defend this staff members actions

[5 / 5]
July 2013
This campground was very clean and friendly. we came a few weeks after the flood and there was not much to indicate there was a flood. The owners were very friendly and greated us with smiles. There is alot of things for the kids to do, like swim in a very well kept pool. I am from Ontario and I would suggest anyone to stay here.

[1 / 5]
August 2011
We have been staying at Daisy May as a tradition for the past six years. However after last July we will NEVER stay there again. The owners are extremely rude and disrespectful. I came into the campground to register for our annual site, my husband let me out of the truck and the jerk from the office that they had working for them proceeded to yell at my husband for driving too fast around a 90 degree turn to our campsite which is 15 feet away from where he stopped the truck to let me out. The wife who is at the counter continued to be raid me that if we couldn’t obey the rules that we should leave. She had the audacity to say that he must not have stopped the truck to let me out – yah right, he was driving excessively and I just opened the door to fall out of the truck. The jerk came at my husband with his golf cart (which he thinks is a police car) and yelled at him in front of our 8 and 9 year old daughters and the other campers – my girls were crying. We were so embarrassed and humiliated. WELCOME to DAISY MAY!!!! They wouldn’t even accept the logic that it was impossible for my husband to be driving that fast when he just let me out of the truck, they even refused to look at the cameras monitoring the campsite to prove that they flew way off the handle and owed us an apology. We constantly felt that we were being excessively watched for the four days we were there to screw up so they could kick us out. If it wasn’t for kids being excited to do our traditional camping trip we would have left immediately. The mini golf course has never been fixed or repaired in the years we have been there. The beach volleyball court is more like a gravel pit, the pool is nice but the workers and owners come in to check wristbands are intimidating and rude. No customer service no smiles!! They don’t even like all the kids there – SELL the campground already if you don’t like it there!!!!!!!!!! We strongly urge any of our friends with small kids not to camp there or anyone else that asks about camping Daisy May is never going to get support from our family!

[1 / 5]
April 2012
Terrible: Worst Campground Ever!!!
My family and I stayed at the Daisy May Campground and will NEVER be staying there again! I will definitely NOT BE RECCOMENDING that anyone stays there either. The campground is over ridden with cats that leave feces everywhere. I own a dog and was cleaning up more cat feces from around our campsite then the dog. The family that owns the campground are extremely rude and are out to get your money for everything….the showers are a dollar for 30 seconds of water time, so if you going to have a shower make sure to have $20 in loonies, the fire pits have to be rented, the fire wood is way overpriced and even if you rent the fire pit and buy the fire wood….do not think about having a fire because the couple that owns the campground will come over and tell you to put it out by 9pm. And do not think about leaving early if you are actually daring enough to stay there because the owners will come up with many excuses on why they cannot refund your money. The campground is a mess with garbage everywhere. There is junk piled high all around the campground (car batteries, loose metal, old broken down cars). The mini golf course was not maintained and is falling apart. The pool area was disgusting. The only amenity the campground had that was half decent was the child playground; however it is not very big. The Old man River alongside the campground isn’t very pretty to look at… there is rebar and concrete sticking out everywhere and by the river is where the owners of the campground like keep most of their junk. Finally, the campground says it is a family friendly campground well my family was the only family there. So for these reasons I WILL NOT BE RECCOMMENDING this campground to anyone I know!!

[3 / 5]
June 2011
Daisy May was a great campground if you are about 5 to 10 years old.. The Kids park was not very good for young ones, the Mini Golf was so overgrown with tree's and bushes that you could not play it, The swimming pool and the hot tub was great.. the volleyball court had a huge pile of sand in it so you could not use it. There is alot to say about this park. The people were very nice that take care of things, the store there was very good, I was disappointed about the location of where we were.. the dump station was just down from us and we pretty much smelled this the whole time as the wind was blowing our way. anyway I was going to ask for money back.. but I thought they may need it to fix up more of the park. Good note .. they have propane on site.

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