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July 2013
This is a difficult review to perform, in part because of the beauty of the campground itself but also due to the facilities, other campers, and lack of campground security presence.

First the good...we chose Lodgepole over other campground options at Cypress Hills due to the large trees, proximity to the town of Elkwater, and the separation of most campsites from others. Although our site (#16) was tight width-wise and length-wise in accommodating our 26' trailer, once we got set up it was a great location backing on to a forest of large pines and good separation from other sites. The campground is only a couple of minutes drive from the town of Elkwater itself and affords the opportunity to run in and grab an ice cream, play some mini-golf, go to the beach and swim, grab any groceries that may have been forgotten, or a visit to the visitor centre.

Now on to the bad...which is unfortunate because of everything the Lodgepole campground could be. In no particular order they are:
- Drinking water listed as available in campground guide, online, etc but when we got to the campground we discovered that all of the taps were labelled as "non-potable water - do not drink". Fortunately we had two, 5 gallon water containers that we had filled at home with tap water but this could be a real inconvenience to some.
- Campground security, etc...there were some drunken, loud, obnoxious, and crude individuals across from us who insisted on playing their gawd-awful music, blaring from bass subs, most of the weekend. This went on from early afternoon until almost 11 pm each day. Language was foul considering how many kids were camped around them. Barely a presence from conservation officers patrolling as I saw them perform one foot patrol Thursday evening, drive through quickly on Friday - allowing the hooligans to spot them, turn down the music, then blast it again once they had passed, and then another foot patrol at about 5:30 pm on Saturday. With the lack of a campground host to keep an eye on things it seemed that the few could ruin it for the many.
- Access to had to drive to the town in order to get firewood as no one drove around to sell it. We were lucky enough to have our own to last through the weekend but this is another service that would be a nice touch for those not wanting to drive in each time.
- Facilities themselves...if you are going to list such things as a horseshoe pit, etc, at least ensure that they are taken care of. The horseshoe pit was located at the back of one of the campsites and seemed in an odd place to encourage use. On top of that it was not looked after at all and appeared to be left on its own where grass could grow in and make it unusable.

This campground, and indeed a few of the others we toured around while there, could benefit from some small improvements that would go a long way in making the Lodgepole campground a much better experience for everyone. It has the beauty, large trees, location, but requires some definite upgrades to make it a 5/5.
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