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We are also a Goodsam park, Credit Card(s): Visa, Debit, MasterCard. Attractions: Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Forest, Industry Tours.
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Total Sites: 65
Nightly Rate: $24.00 - $35.00
Phone: (780) 778-6782
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[1 / 5]
July 2015
what a horrible old man that runs this campsite. It is very easy to see why this campsite was fairly empty. Not a nice person. I parked my 5th wheel in the drive through campsite he registered me in and put down my jacks and got ready to enjoy my eveneing when this hitler came around in his golf cart and told me that he prefered if i turned my camper around and parked facing the other way. He never gave me any reason except that is the way I was supposed to do it. Trying to keep the peace I did it for him. At 11 o'clock we had 4 of us sitting around a small fire with no neighboring campsites having residents. We had no music going and were quiet. He pulled up in his golf cart and doused our fire. then threatened to call the cops when we said we would finish our beer that we had opened before bed. We decided not to cause trouble and went into our camper to finish them. About 10 minutes later the cops showed up and banged on my door. They told us that this guy is a major problem for filing complaints with them. But as he filed a complaint they had to follow up on it. So we talked to the cops for 5 minutes finished oour beer and went to bed. The next morning i double checked our reciept and noticed that they had charged me for 2 days and I was only staying 1. I asked him if he could give me my money back and he said I was welcome to spend one more day and refused to give my money back. He said i had to talk to the lions club to get a refund and the only way to talk to them was to write a letter and give it to him and he would deliver it. I wrote a letter and he looked at it and threw it in the garbage in front of me lol never stay here

[1 / 5]
July 2015
Worst camp trip I've ever had, will never be going back there again. Owner took the liberty of yelling at my kids who were playing at the playground. Three of us camped together but were not allowed to be beside each other even though many sites were opened simply because owner didn't want us to be together! Owner came by at 11pm to tell us to keep it down, we were having a game of UNO, it was quiet and again no one was around us. Was woken up with loud knocking on door and told I have 24 minutes to leave because our site was unacceptable, I wish I could post the picture we took because there was literally five cans on the picnic table, everything was cleaned up because it poured rain, plus we ALWAYS clean our site before we leave. Owner said he was losing business because of our site? So my kids didn't even get to eat breakfast so we could pack up as the cops were threatened to be called on us. I do ALOT of camping and have never had an experience like this. Would recommend this camp ground for NO ONE.

[5 / 5]
July 2014
We stayed in this majestic campground. The managers were very pleasant and helpful! We appreciate the reasonable rules which are in place as we are a family and they really keep it as a family campground. When there you are not bothered by others pets, as the rule (as this campground is within town of Whitecourt that as in Whitecourt, all pets MUST be kept on a leash. We did not mind and we also picked up after our dog as good pet owners should. The managers are seen on the grounds and polite and helpful. Washrooms, laundry facilities and showers are immaculate. We will definitely be there again. Beautiful flowers and lawns.

[1 / 5]
July 2014
Upon arrival, we had to read and sign off on the "rules" of the campground. Fires had to be dowsed at 11:00 pm "no exceptions"!!! The campground was fairly empty and not alot of traffic, which was great. But the camp attendant drove around in his golf cart "enforcing" the rules! Several times were were reprimanded for not having our dog on a tight leash. Dogs could not be tied to the picnic benches, they had to be leashed to your RV. Whole experience was ridiculous, especially when 11 pm came around and he drove in and made us dowse out our fire. There were only 6 of us, one being my 76 year old mother. No children and there was no one camped anywhere near us. Never going back there again.
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