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Group site available * Swimming - lake * Day Use $5.00 * Seniors $18 per night * Boat Launch $5.00 * Off Season 780-675-2273
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Total Sites: 72
Nightly Rate: $20.00 - $
Phone: 780-675-5253
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[4 / 5]
May 2014
I have been to Forfar many, many, many times and over the last several years the management of the park has been completely ridiculous! I mean seriously dysfunctional! This year, despite the outrageous price increase for a seasonal site, we decided to give it one last shot. I am pleased to report that this year the management is spectacular! Tara is not only fair but firm. She has managed to curb a lot of the issues we have had in the past. The rate increase was so disgusting that it stopped many people from applying this year; even people who have gone for many years in a row, but if that additional increase ($500!!!!) was used to ensure that the staff were paid accordingly, then money well spent I say! The lake is beautiful, the seasonal stayers are great and the some of the weekenders could use a lesson in camping etiquette but otherwise a much better camping year. The best part is the 2 sections of the lake - one for the speed boaters (whose music is typically too loud!)(over 12km) and the other for the slow boaters who want to fish and tour around the lake (under 12km). The biggest issue I have found is the dogs on the beach. There are signs but they are ignored. Most won't leave their dogs at the site because they bark or whine when their owners are not there so they ignore the rules. It's a problem with little to no solution?!

[1 / 5]
June 2013
The lake is beautiful, however the county of athabasca do a terrible job running it. If you are going camping to enjoy your stay and relax then this is not the place for you! The bundles of wood are over priced, the rules and by laws change every hour, one second your allowed to have a tent with a trailer, next second your not, the security is very poor, we left our trailer on our seasonal site and someone came and shut off the propane causing our food to spoil, our wood pile was tampered with as we had a truck load of wood on our seasonal camp site. If for any reason you need a second vehicle for transportation, you must pay 10$/ night for parking the vehicle on your seasonal site or even in overflow parking even if they are registered under the same household. They change the rules a month into the season, just to inconvenience you. Your children if over the age of 18, must pay extra to stay with you on your campsite. Generators are to be turned off at 11, unless they decide not to enforce the rules, but that only goes for some, chances are yours would need to be off at 11, while your neighbor runs his all night long disturbing the peace of your sleep, special privilege to some but not all, you could be awake at 2 am with your crying baby because Leo is too busy to tell the people to quiet down when campers are blaring their trucks sound system at full, waking you across the campground, and when you go to complain you will see the employees sitting in the cabin with their marijuana and pipes on the table, probably too stoned to give a shit about anything you have to say, I'd rate this a zero but there is no option less than 1! Choose your stay wisely!
Sincerely, pissed off about my first few months stay, at forfar recreation park, biggest waste of 1200$!
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